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Our websites are: Informative, Educational, & Entertaining.
All websites are FREE to read, with large enough type to be easily read.

We don't take traffic away from your website by asking for a link from your website to us, in fact you should be cautious about the links from your website. Links from your website can take away the valuable traffic your website already produces and you worked hard to get.

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In the "old" days, marketing was easy. Place an ad in in your local newspaper or trade magazine and the phones rang. Today, fewer people use print publications to make their decisions.

Despite the declining readership of the print publications, postage rates have risen while papers costs have skyrocketed, resulting in very expensive print media advertising rates. When you buy print media advertising, you pay more to market to fewer readers.

Many smart advertisers are cutting their expensive print advertising in favor of more cost-effective, response-driven internet marketing that we offer. Fewer people read newspapers, magazines, and other printed material than they did five years ago.

Today, people with buying power look for their information online first. While they may still subscribe to their print publications and read the direct mail ads that come in the mail, they spend less time reading them, as they have already gained the information through online sources.

You know the internet is a valuable part of your marketing effort.

You can have your tile and display ads on our promotional websites. We are greatly expanding the number of our own placements that cross promote these various websites, thereby building more internet traffic for each of them.

Enjoy Our Many Interesting Websites!
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